I am glad to say that I have a wonderful acupuncture success story!

My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for over a year. We were charting and timing everything right, but didn’t have any luck. Two of my closest friends had gone to Dr. Dong for the same issues and their stories were a success. I researched and found information that acupuncture could possibly help and it could take up to 9 months for results, but I wanted to try drug-free methods. Miracle of miracles! It was after 3 months of acupuncture that I found out that I was finally pregnant. Acupuncture was the only thing I had changed in my lifestyle during that last few cycles, so I firmly believe that it was our saving grace.

Almost 5 years after the birth of our first child (from story above) I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury due to a concussion. After extensive Rehab (Physical / Occupational / Speech Therapy) I also decided to add some Acupuncture from Dr. Dong and it helped tremendously. Getting back in balance with acupuncture helps your body to heal itself. Medication is merely a band-aid.

Thanks Dr. Dong

Regards, Jaymie G.



Recommendation Testimony for Dr. Gangyi Dong

In 2009, I began to see Dr. Dong for treatment for oligomenorrhea. I was
hoping to become pregnant after having struggled for several months
without success. I was also concerned about my ability to conceive because
of my age (I was then in my late 30’s). Within a few months of treatment
with Dr. Dong, the time between my periods had shortened; before my
cycles were even regular, I became pregnant. I had a full term, healthy
pregnancy and when we were ready to try for a second child, in 2012, I
again sought treatment from Dr. Dong with the same results; we are happily
expecting our second baby.
Dr. Dong has outstanding credentials, but the greatest endorsement of him
comes from the results he achieves and the testimonials of his patients. His
wife works as his assistant and is genuine, warm and welcoming. Both Dr.
and Mrs. Dong are truly concerned about their patients’ well-being and are
engaged in their individual stories. I’ve received follow-up calls at home to
see how I’m doing and have seen Dr. Dong take the time to escort a patient
with difficulty walking to his car. I cannot recommend their services

M. R.
West Chester



After months of physical therapy and many different shots in my knees. I was
recommended by my son who you also helped him for some problems to Dr. Dong. After  a series of acupuncture treatment from Dr. dong, Now I am back to walk 3 days a week for exercise, and happy taking care of grandchildren. I can not thank enough for Dr. Dong’s treatment. And I am deeply appreciated.

Ruth R.



I’ve been suffering from sinus problems for over 30 years. I’ve been to numerous doctors who prescribed endless antibiotics which offered me no long- term relief. I’ve also received allergy shots for 8 years. Yet, I continued to have sinus problems. Finally, I decided to try acupuncture therapy. After only a few treatments, I began feeling better than I had in years. Acupuncture therapy literally changed my life for the better. Dr. Dong has currently been treating me for five years. In addition to being an expert in his field, he is caring and compassionate. I immediately felt at ease in his office. He takes the time to get to know and care for each of his patients. His wife, Mrs. Dong, is the office receptionist. She is lovely and friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Dong and his acupuncture therapy.

~Eileen S.



For years I suffered from sinus infections. I was frequently on antibiotics that only give only temporary relief and brought some side-effects too.

A friend recommended acupuncture, I went for several treatments, and got some relief. But soon the doctor stopped practice and some one suggested Dr. Dong. ( That was my lucky day!)I had found that there is really a difference in acupuncturists. It is definitely worth my two hours commute to Dr. Dong’s office. Dr. Dong’s treatments are pain free and he uses 1/3 of needles  my previous doctor in my treatments. After one treatment with Dr. Dong, I felt significant improvement. It has been 14 years now. Basically, My problem disappeared. I see Dr. Dong about 6 times a year for maintenance treatments. I no longer suffer from sinus problems and I no longer take allergy medications.

Dr. Dong, you are the best!!

Barbara W.

State of Delaware




Dr Dong has literally changed my life.  6 years ago I injured my back lifting heavy equipment at work and as a result have suffered from severe chronic pain in my lower back including sciatica down my right leg. I have a been diagnosed with degenerative disk disease with a bulging (herniated)disk in my L5S1 lower back.

Over these past 6 years I have tried everything and anything for relief.  Nothing has worked.   I have had over 25 injections in my lower back region,  2 spinal fusion surgeries, and recently I had a spinal  stimulator surgically implanted.  Still, nothing has given me relief… I have spent thousands of dollars looking for relief including years of physical therapy and chiropractic health care and still nothing.

4 months ago I begin seeing Dr Dong and within 5 visits I noticed a change in my life…. Little by little my back pain lessened and my quality of life began improving.  After 4  months, I have seen significant progress. I am no longer thinking of pain every minute of every day.  I would guess that my pain levels have improved by over significantly increasing my overall quality of life.

I am doing things I have not dreamed of in years…like exercising, paddle boarding, even simple things like sitting in my office chair or driving a car…But mostly, playing with my children.  Dr Dong and acupuncture has changed my life.  Dr. Dong has worked with me and determined how to lessen the pain so that I can change the way I look at life and stop thinking about pain 24-7.

If you are experiencing pain at any level,  there is hope.  Trust me!  Dr Dong has physically changed my life and I am grateful for that!  BTW, I will be removing the spinal stimulator implanted from my back as a result of acupuncture.

Good Luck!

Chad Johnston




Dr. Dong,

I had been suffering from sciatica pain and had been treated for it by my chiropractor.  I had been having an awful time sleeping because of it.  He referred me to you for further help.  After just a couple of treatments the pain went away and I sleep quite well.  I am so happy we met and I am looking forward to your treating me for other health issues.  Thank you for your wonderful work.


John Fraschilla


Hi Dr. Dong,
I wanted to make sure that I wrote this testimonial for you.  Thank you very much for all that you have done to help improve my quality of life!
“I had dealt with significant lower back pain for over 6 years before finally being referred to Dr. Dong back in May 2015.  I went through multiple courses of treatment including steroid injections, surgery, physical therapy and chiropractic care in search of a solution to my constant pain.  As a father of 4 young children, I was at my wits end with the prospect of no solution for my pain.  I was unfamiliar with Acupuncture as a treatment option when I made my first appointment with Dr. Dong, but I was willing to try anything.  During my first visit to Dr. Dong, I was struck by how confident he was that he was going to be able to help reduce and eventually eliminate my pain.  I was not as confident having been through so many courses of treatment.  I felt immediate relief after my first treatment, but as Dr. Dong told me as I left that day I would experience some return of my pain.  He showed me the progression of relief he expected and how I would be able to reduce my treatment frequency in a few months.  The plan that Dr. Dong laid out for me has been spot on!  At no point has he looked to over treat me.  He has been quick to lessen my treatment frequency as my pain has decreased.  I currently have had no pain for almost 3 months and have experienced a significant improvement in my quality of life.  I would highly recommend and more importantly trust Dr. Dong with the course of treatment he recommends!”
John G.
West Chester




In 1990, I had a Laminectomy due to an excruciating back pain. In 2001, the back pain returned. It was at that time when I decided to try acupuncture with Dr. Gangyi Dong. I have continued to go as a patient of Dr. Dong throughout these past years. Dr. Dong relieved me of my back pain within a few months but his “maintenance” treatments have kept me free of back pain.

Jose J.

Chester Springs, PA







Dr. Gangyi Dong:


I would like to express my gratitude for your successful treatment of my severe back and sciatic pain..

After having two back operations over the years, my orthopedic doctor ruled out another operation. They opted to pain management and medication which did not help.

I was refereed to you by my friend was a bless. After your acupuncture treament, my pain is gone and I am off pain medication too. Dr. Dong’s acupuncture treatment has improved my quality of life.


E. Griffith

Chester County




When I came to Dr. Dong 10 years ago I had been suffering from active ulcerative colitis for 3 years. I was just gotten out of the hospital, taking six 400 mg tablets of Asocol (2 tabs 3 times a day) and 20 mg of prednisone a day.  I was experiencing many of the side effects of the medicines.  My doctor, a gastroenterologist specialist, told me several things that really upset me.  He said I had to stop eating and drinking most of the foods and beverages I enjoyed, that I would have to take medicine for this condition for the rest of my life, that I would just have to deal with the side effects of the medicines, that I had a non-curable chronic condition and would be experiencing recurring bouts for the rest of my life.  I was really in bad shape, I felt and looked terrible.  I needed a miracle.

A friend suggested I should see an acupuncturist, and recommended Dr Dong.  I was desperate for help, and I scheduled my first visit with Dr. Dong, it was September 2002.  Dr. Dong examined me and said he could help. We set up a treatment plan.  The treatments started to work almost immediately.  Over a three month period I regained most of my weight and strength and slowly became less dependent on the medicine.  After 6 months I was off the medicine entirely.

It has now been 10 years, I do not take any medicine for this condition and have not had any recurring bouts of ulcerative colitis.  I live my life as I chose, eat and drink what I enjoy, and without worrying about ulcerative colitis.  I continue to have periodic maintenance treatments every 4-6 weeks, although Dr. Dong indicates less visits would work.  I’m not taking any chances.  Thank you Dr. Dong, and for me, this has been the miracle treatment I was looking for.

Bob S.

Glen Mill




I am writing this testimonial to let people know how grateful I am to Dr. Dong and how he has changed my life. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis about 23 years ago. At that time I got diarrhea 15 or more times a day and often had blood and mucus in my stool, with all kinds of abdominal discomfort as well. With such frequent diarrhea, I couldn’t even go far from my house. I was so upset with my condition and didn’t know where to turn.

I came across an article in the newspaper concerning Dr. Dong with acupuncture and decided to give it a try.

I came faithfully every single week for treatment and saw results. I was truly amazed how much better I felt after 2 or 3 months. My diarrhea slowly stopped and gradually I reduced my treatment frequency, got into maintenance treatment about once a month or every 6 weeks.

For about 20 years under Dr. Dong’s care, I only had 2 flare ups of diarrhea; with Dr. Dong’s treatment, it only lasted about a month, then back to very stable condition. Today, I no longer have ulcers in my colon, and they are gone according to my colonoscopy two weeks ago.

I told my GI doctor about Dr. Dong, he asked me to stick with Dr. Dong.  I know how much Dr. Dong’s acupuncture has helped me.

I can’t thank Dr. Dong enough for getting my health back, he is truly a miracle healer and caring doctor.

Cassie E.

Delaware County




I become a patient of Dr. Dong’s 22 years ago on the recommendation of a friend. I was diagnosed with Meniere’s Syndrome and asked him for help. After three treatments, my life changed. My dizziness gone and I could do a lot things that I couldn’t do before – I can look over my shoulder, look up at stars and flying airplanes, roll over in bed, and get out of bed without getting dizzy.

Occasionally, my symptoms reappear and I return to Dr. Dong for a few treatments.  Most of the time, I can be symptom-free for two or three yeas. Without his treatment, I would not be able to function. He has also successfully treated me for other conditions such as muscle strain, carpel tunnel syndrome, etc.

I have complete confidence in his ability and would highly recommend him.


Elizabeth P.

Avondale, PA




I had been struggling with Vertigo since October of 2012. After many doctor visits, specialists, physical therapy, medications, and several M.R.Is, there was minimal change. I was still getting sick frim constant nausea, still unbalanced and painful ear pressure. I was finally diagnosed with Meniere’s Syndrome in August 2013. I was put on more medication, a change in diet and meetings with a nutritionist. Still, there was no change.
Someone had recommended several times that I should do acupuncture. In December, I decided to try it and called Dr.Dong. From the very first session, only lasting 6 minutes, my nausea was gone. My dizziness lightened, my balance was better and I was able to eat more than a few bites of food without feeling like I would get sick.
Over the last 2 months, my balance and dizziness are about 98% gone. Symptoms are minimal and dizziness not occur every day.
I’m so thankful I walked into Dr. Dong’s office 2 months ago. I am back to being myself again.
Thanks Dr. Dong.






Dear Doctor;

I wanted to take the time to thank you for your help with my trigeminal neuralgia.

I came to you about 3 years ago with trigeminal neuralgia also known as Tic-De-Laroux and the suicide disease. For those who do not know this disease it is incredible face pain that does not take a break. It is 10 times worse than toothache. Imagine someone hitting you in the face with a bat. That is how it felt. I was taking Percocet every 4 hours to somewhat manage the pain. It was very depressing, just trying to get through the day let alone run my own business. Needless to say I was not myself and it showed to customers and employees. My business suffered due my condition.

I came to you skeptical at a friend’s recommendation. You know immediately about this condition it was very difficult to cure. You also told me it will take about 10 visits before I will get relief. You gave me confidence because you know so much about the disease and the the pain it causes. I decided to give this a try as the gamma knife was my only next option. (This deadens the nerve permanently) Surgery is always the best if it can be avoided.

After my 10 visits I saw significant relief. After few more visits, I was pain free!  I can not thank enough for understanding the disease and having the expertise to cure me. It has been 3 years now and I am still pain free!

Feel free to use me as reference any time.

Thank you for what you have done for me.


Joe V.

West Grove, PA 19390





I was suffering the excruciating pain of trigeminal neuralgia on 
the left side of my face.  It was the worse pain you can imagine, so 
awful that the thought of having to live my life with this explains why 
it is called the suicide disease. I could barely eat, sleep or function 
and the strongest medications weren't providing any relief.  A friend of
 mine is a patient of Dr Dong,  he treated her for a number of issues 
and she found relief for each.  She talked to Dr Dong about my situation
 and he said he understood trigeminal neuralgia and had treated it 
successfully with other patients so I thought I would give it a try.  
After 4 treatments I began to feel relief and after 4 months of Dr 
Dong's acupuncture treatments I am now completely pain free.  I can't 
thank Dr Dong enough for giving me my life back and I am so happy that I
 am free of pain without daily doses of strong medications and/or 
surgery for this condition.  Thank you so much Dr Dong! 
Diane R

Newtown Square



I developed trigeminal neuraglia about 6 years ago. It bothered me off and on ever since.
The pain was horrible in my right eye. I was taking 6 200mg of carbatrol and 6 50mg of 
gabapentin daily! My memory was shot! The next option was brain surgery. A friend told me
of his success with Dr. Dong of West Chester,Pa. I have gone to him for 6 months and I 
haven't had any pain since my 1st visit! He is amazing! I have referred several friends 
to him for other pain, such as: headaches,shoulder pain-etc.They are all very satisfied.
My neurologist told me that any treatment that can rid me of those pills and pain,he 
is for 100 percent! Thank you, 

John B.,
Devon ,Pa.




After suffering for nine years with severe pain from burning in my mouth, gums, tongue, palate and throat. (“Burning mouth syndrome”/”Oral allergy syndrome”), and after fifteen doctors could not help me, my family doctor suggested acupuncture. She recommended Dr. Gangyi Dong OMD., an acupuncture specialist. After only a few treatments, I was free of pain for the first time in nine years. Dr. Dong has also successfully treated me for other problems such as food allergies, should pain, IBS, etc. etc. Mrs. Dong, his wife, is his assistant and she is very pleasant and very attentive with appointments etc.

Maria S.

West Chester




Dr. Dong is a brilliant healer and has treated me for years for various health issues. His acupuncture treatments are painless and extremely relaxing. He has successfully treated me for Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue, acid reflex and most recently pain reduction and stiffness from broken wrist. The kindness and sympathy that Dr. Don and Mrs. Dong give to each patient obvious in the interaction from their patients. In addition , they are always prompt with your scheduled time. I would encourage any one to follow through with an appointment with Dr. Dong to improve their health.

Bonnie G.





After living in Asia for several years and learning the value of traditional Chinese medicine, I was looking for a qualified practitioner when we moved back to Delaware 20 years ago.  Fortunately, a friend recommended Dr. Gangyi Dong.  In additional to being an expert in acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatments, he is also a western-trained medical doctor in internal medicine.  He is able to understand the reports and test results from my primary care physician and evaluate them to determine the best course of treatment.  As someone who doesn’t like to take drugs unless absolutely necessary, Dr. Dong’s methods are effective and painless. In addition to the many treatments I’ve had over the years, Dr. Dong has seen several family members and friends.  When my father was diagnosed with severe reflux disease, and a combination of prescription drugs had no effect, Dr. Dong was able to cure him completely with six treatments.  For the remainder of his life, he had no recurrence of reflux.  For people who aren’t familiar with acupuncture, the first question they ask is whether it is painful.  Of all the people I’ve sent to Dr. Dong, no one has ever said they wouldn’t return because the treatment was painful. In many cases, the sessions are quite relaxing.  I feel fortunate that Dr. Dong chose to make his home in our area and that we have the benefit of a practitioner of such high caliber.

Frances H.

Yorklyn, Delaware




Dr. Dong is a very skilled Acupuncturist. He has treated my Back issues, restoring my ability to walk normally is a relatively short series of applications. Also,I had a problem with my left knee, which he resolved with a single treatment. I am receiving therapy for Sinusitis and it is proving effective. I highly recommend this very competent and compassionate Doctor.

Morris Husbands. (Ph.D.)




Last year, I was diagnosed with a shredded Achilles tendon, I was told I need surgery and recovery from that surgery was long and difficult. I went to Dr. Dong see if he could help. It was now been a year an I am walking fine, no pain and NO SURGERY. Since then I have him help with recovery from knee surgery and torn tendon on my shoulder . He has been wonderful and I would recommend going to him.


Chads Ford, PA



I started going to Dr. Dong for numbness and tingling pain in my feet. After treatment from Dr. Dong. I am happy to say that all my symptoms on my feet gone!! He also helped me for my night sweats and hot flashes  due to menopause. I always looking forward to seeing Dr. Dong. He is amazing!!!

Beth W.

Newtown Square, PA




Dr. Dong,

I came under your care with severe and complex nerve damage resulting from a low back surgery. I presented with multiple symptoms that were very problematic for me in my activities of daily living.  Through acupuncture and your skill, I experienced significant improvement in the symptoms that you initially treated.

While I have a long road to recovery on the numerous other symptoms that resulted from this surgery, I believe my best chance of recovery is to travel that road with you.  You are a brilliant practitioner of the healing arts.  Thank you for all your good care.


March 2013






About 8 months ago, I was diagnosed with chronic migraine syndrome. I was bounced around from doctor to doctor, prescribed many different medications with terrible side effects and no relief. I was experiencing approximately 29 migraines each month. I am a medical student, so having debilitating migraines almost every day was detrimental to my studies. A friend of ours referred us to Dr. Dong. At first, I was skeptical, but I was also desperate for relief. After my initial consultation with Dr. Dong, I was hopeful. He was very thorough and explained to me how acupuncture works and the results I could expect with the utmost honesty. After my first treatment, I was already feeling relief. I went in with a migraine and left migraine free. I returned to Dr. Dong weekly for a few months with my migraines decreasing every week. Eventually, I started seeing him every 2 weeks, and then finally every month. I am now happy to say that I am migraine free! I am so grateful for the knowledge and expertise Dr. Dong has to offer and I would recommend him to anyone for any ailment! Thank you, Dr. Dong!

Philadelphia, PA



For several years I had headaches off and on. Eventually they occurred every day, And also I had neck pain that radiated throughout my head to make my headache even worse. I tried all kinds of prescribed medications but nothing seemed to work.

My family physician refereed me to Dr. Dong. I had seven treatments and the neck pain as well as headache were gone. It is amazing how well I feel now. Thanks to Dr. Dong and his acupuncture treatment.






Skin Rash

My daughter and I are thrilled we started going to Dr. Dong for her allergic skin reactions. We were frustrated with the dermatologist and are happy we found a natural treatment that works rather than
medication. Dr. Dong has been a life saver and we can’t thank him enough!

Elizabeth E.




I first came to Dr. Dong almost 2 years ago on the recommendation of a friend. I was suffering from a combination of symptoms – “foggy-headedness”, dizziness, nausea, and lethargy – that didn’t point to a simple diagnosis or treatment. The symptoms would come and go, sometimes lasting for minutes, other times hours or even days. I could go months without any episodes and then I would get them days and weeks on end. I had been dealing with this for 12 years, and it had gotten progressively worse. I saw quite a few specialists (ENT, neurologist, cardiologist, endocrinologist) and had many tests (ENG, EKG, MRI, stress test), all without a firm diagnosis and no effective treatment. A neurologist thought I had an anxiety disorder and wanted to prescribe anti-anxiety medications. I was assessed at the Penn Balance Center, where benign position vertigo (BPV) and Meniere’s disease were ruled out. It was suggested I was having vestibular migraines.

Dr. Dong very patiently listened to my entire history, assured me that he was familiar with and had treated others with similar symptoms and that he was confident he could help me. He started a very conservative and gentle course of treatment and explained that the effectiveness varies by person. He also stressed that, with cases like mine, it could take a while and that I needed to be patient.

Nearly two years later, I am extremely pleased with the results – I am almost symptom free, and the few times I have any symptoms they are minimal in both duration and intensity. Over the 2 years of treatment, I had periods of stability and minor setbacks, as Dr. Dong predicted could very well happen, but now I feel I am as close to being cured as I can be. My treatment frequency is reduced, but I will continue to come to Dr. Dong to maintain the great progress I have made. Dr. Dong was my last hope for getting any relief, I am blessed to have been introduced to him and his care, and I can unequivocally endorse him to anyone suffering from the same symptoms that I experienced.

-Bill D.
Springfield, PA





I have been suffering with severe back and hand pain which was caused by an accident in August 2010. My neck was broken from C-1 to C-7.
In 2011, I had a front fusion and was placed on numerous opioids. I then needed a back fusion and a spinal stimulator was also implanted in me. The medication did not relief much of my pain and I became addicted to them.
In January 2012, I decided enough was enough and stopped them and overcame my  addiction. My stimulator stopped relieving some of my pain 6 months after it was implanted. I have been in constant severe pain for the past 6 years.
In December 2016, a respiratory therapist who was visiting in my home, questioned me about the way I constantly rubbed my left hand. I explained the circumstances to her. She stated that she had a friend who was treated by Dr. Dong and with his help was now pain free. She left me with his phone number. I started to see Dr. Dong in March 2017, within 2 weeks I had noticeable pain relief. It’s now been 6 weeks and I suffer 1 day of moderate pain. I no longer need to apply ice packs to my hand (freezing it relieved some of the burning sensation I felt 24 / 7 ) or rub icy hot or mineral ice which relieved it on occasion for 15 or 20 minutes.

I am writing this testimonial to let others know that there is hope!

Dr. Dong continues to work on relieving my pain on a weekly basis as I am not totally pain free and has also started to work on my dizziness and imbalance.
I recommend that anyone who is suffering, who has exhausted all their other options……has been everywhere and has spent countless time and money…..contact Dr. Dong.  He listens to your concerns and develops a treatment plan that’s best for you.

I have the upmost respect and confidence in him.

Thank you Dr. Dong.

Rufino C.
Millsboro DE






Good Morning Dr Dong:

“My sudden vertigo landed me in the emergency department and I was given medications that merely treated my symptoms.  I called Dr Dong’s office and was seen quickly to treat the underlying cause of my dizziness with caring, competence and compassion.  I am happy to report that I am feeling much better and am symptom-free.”

Marcy S.  BSN RN
Paoli Hospital PCU





I have been seeing Doctor Dong since 1990, over 25 years for many different conditions and problems. They include carpal tunnel, rotator cuff injury, sciatic , arthritis, fibromyalgia , and numerous other issues. He was able to help me when no other doctor could help.

About years ago I was stricken with Stephen Johnsons syndrome, which was caused by an alergic reaction to an antibiotic, 75% of my body was burnt off including my face. The trauma to my body and face aged me 20 years in 3 months!!!!!!

I was always known to look 10 years younger than my age, but this disease accelerated the aging process 1000 fold. i looked and smelled old, not to mention the damage done to all my internal organs and functions.

My face, after so much prentazone and pain and skin burning caused my face and neck to swell, sag, droop. I no longer recognized the person in the mirror. I have been in the Beauty Business for 45 years, this entire event was devastating. I talked to Dr Dong about doing acupuncture facelift and decided to start weekly treatments in July of 2017.

Remarkably within 6 weeks, people were commenting that I looked Brighter, Livelier, and that I Glowed. I was impressed at how observant people were and there comments. It is now 5 months later and I actually feel like i recognize myself again. I look like the old ME!!!! It has improved my skin texture, tightness and color.

I have enclosed a series of pictures that I took with my iPhone I took my picture before the first treatment and then after each treatment thereafter. I took the pictures the same time and place each time, as well the same lighting condition, with no make up. After each treatment, there was a little change, then after 7 treatments, I put the first photo and the last photo side by side. I couldn’t believe the result, it was fantastic. I am truly amazed and astonished that this was possible thru acupuncture. When you look good you fell BETTER! I am told I look 55 now. I am actually 65 but I feel 85 on the inside from that illness. I actually experienced a side benefit from these treatments. My entire intestinal system has greatly improved. I would recommend this treatment to anyone and everyone who is interested in attaining and keeping a youthful appearance WITHOUT SURGERY.

I strongly recommend Doctor Dong to everyone. Doctor Dong is a highly skilled, accurate, and compassionate professional. My latest picture was taken in December. I am so Happy with the result.

Aida  A.

Bryn Mawr




Before I was referred to Dr. Dong, I thought that no one could help me. A series of gallbladder attacks and the resulting restrictive diets had left me weak, overly thin, and very tired. Even the foods I was eating on my modified diet caused me discomfort almost immediately upon ingestion: bloating and pair were a constant. I went gluten-free, then dairy-free. I gave up other things I loved: chocolate,
tomatoes. These changes provided minimal improvement, and I continued to get weaker and thinner.

I had never had acupuncture and was a little nervous prior to my first visit, but those fears faded as soar as I met Dr. Dong and he outlined the treatment plan. He gave me two needles that first time, and I hardly noticed them. “If you get worried, just call Dr. Dong!’ and I will come right back!” he assured me when he stepped out of the treatment room.

I noticed improvement immediately-the bloating after meals began to subside. Within a few weeks, the pain I associated with eating was gone and I was able to eat a bit more. In time, I was able to re-add bread and dairy to my diet. I got healthier and stronger, and regained the weight I had lost. I no longer
looked or felt sick.

To say that Dr. Dong has restored my life is an understatement. His kindness and compassion coupled with his medical skill make him an invaluable ally to anyone dealing with challenging medical concerns.


Susan U.

Chester County



I have been a patient of Dr.Dong for 8 years. I have pulmonary
fibrosis for which there is no medical treatment.  Dr.
Dong has been giving me acupuncture treatment
for it and has stabilized the condition. I will continue
with treatment so it remains stable.
Ann Knee
Delaware State




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