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    Dr. Gangyi Dong received his M.D. degree in 1983 from Anhui University of Medicine, one of the  highest-ranked medical schools in China. During his residency at the Anhui Medical School’s Teaching Hospital, he developed special skills to care for patients with different types of diseases by combining Western and Chinese medical methods and techniques. Having treated  thousands of patients, he gained experience in treating issues ranging from internal medicine, orthopedics to OB/GYN, etc.

    Three years later, in 1986, he became fully involved in acupuncture. He was a professor at Anhui Medical School’s Acupuncture Department, a doctor at the Acupuncture Hospital and a researcher in the Acupuncture and Meridian Research Institute of Anhui University of Medicine.

    After coming to the United States, Dr. Dong earned a Master of Science degree in biomedical research and worked for over 10 years at the medical schools of the University of Pennsylvania and Temple  University, as well as the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. As a post-doctoral research fellow, he focused on genetic engineering and pulmonary physiology. Dr. Dong has published papers in genetic engineering, pulmonary physiology, acupuncture and a range of other related fields. Meanwhile, throughout this time, he continued treating patients with acupuncture and herbal medicine in his private clinic.

    He has practiced at his West Chester clinic for more than 20 years and has quite a few patients who have stayed with him for more than 20 years as well. Including his clinical practice in China, Dr. Dong has been treating patients for more than 30 years. During this time, he gained extensive experience by combining acupuncture with herbal formulas and integrating with Western medical knowledge. He also collaborates with other health professionals to offer optimized care for all patients. He continues to actively attend classes in both the U.S. and abroad, seminars in both Western and Chinese medicine, to catch up on new knowledge and stay on top of the latest developments in health care and wellness. 

    He has been a NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine)  board certified, Pennsylvania State licensed acupuncturist for 24 years. He is also certified and licensed as a Chinese Herbologist and  OM (Oriental Medicine doctor) by NCCAOM and Pennsylvania State. He is an excellent practitioner and medical scholar.


Selected  Publications

1.   Gangyi Dong. The Role of Liver in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Meridian, American Academy     of Veterinary Acupuncture. Volume 7,   Issue 2, April 2005.

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