The Treatment Procedure

      Acupuncture treatment is safe, effective, painless and free from side effects. In our office, we only use very thin and small needles that are pre-sterilized and disposable. At each patient’s initial visit, we carefully collect all clinical data, including historical and current health inquiry, look at the patient’s tongue (traditional Chinese medicine diagnostic step), feel the patient’s pulse and do necessary palpation. Then we analyze the data, evaluate the patient’s situation and make a treatment strategy. After completing the consultation, we discuss the first treatment and explain the procedure.

      Most new patients receive a very gentle treatment at the first visit. Depending on the different physical conditions of the patients, we will carefully choosing the acupuncture points and use 1 – 8 needles.  The insertion is very shallow and barely touches the skin. Patients usually feel nothing. Depending on the patient’s condition.the needles remain in the points for 3 – 20 minutes,  Afterwards, the needles are painlessly removed and discarded. The patients will relax in the original position for a few minutes before getting up to go home. No specific care is needed after the treatment; however, we generally recommend that patients “take it easy” for the rest of the day, i.e. no vigorous exercise or heavy physical labor work. We have observed that in this way, patients receive the optimal effect.

      The number of needles used, length of the time they remain in the points, location of the points and how needles are manipulated during the treatment will decide the dosage of the treatment. Depending on the patient’s response from the initial treatment, at the second visit, we usually  give patient more needles and leave them in the points for 1-3 minutes longer. At the third visit, we may increase the dosage a little again, and so on until we reach the optimal dosage. Then, we stay at that dosage for a while. Every person’s body requires a different dosage, so there is no “standard” dosage. Whichever dosage is best for that patient, that dosage will be adopted.

    The number of treatments for a patient can vary greatly depending on the individual and his/her condition, ranging from one treatment to many many treatments. Some patients may also be recommended Chinese herbal formulas. Most  Chinese herbal formulas are composed of multiple herbs and other natural ingredients, and are made for specific conditions. Most herbal formulas that we keep in our office were created hundreds years ago, and several were recorded in the textbook written more than 2,000 years ago. (See web page about “Oriental Medicine”)

     After such a long history of clinical use of these formulas, a lot of experience has been accumulated; gradually, the most effective formula is discovered and used continuously while the less effective ones were abandoned. In our office, we only keep the most popular and effective formulas. Usually they are very safe, almost like just taking some food. Even still, we handle these herbal formulas with great care. We always look into the patient’s specific condition by checking their tongue, feeling their pulse and doing “differential diagnoses”, before choosing the correct, corresponding formula for them. Note that while herbal formulas are indeed all natural, most do have a slower effect and only a few work quickly to show “fast results.”


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